Call for Haiku, Part 1

We had about a week without any submissions, so to get the creativity moving again, I put out a call on Facebook for Quarantine Haiku. Some of these are not actually Haiku, and that is fine. This set were written on Saturday, April 11, 2020. Authors and places are included. If something on this page inspires you to create art to go with it, please do! I am considering an ongoing community art project. Send artworks to with reference to the original work, place, and date of creation.

Jacalyn Boggs, Fredericksburg, Virginia

It's a pandemic
hiding out and staying safe.
No life or same life?

Danny Tsang, Manassas, Virginia

Social Quarantine?
I call it Social Thriving!
Back to games I go. 

Melanie Manzer Kyer, York, Maine

You can't write right now?
Sometimes just existing's hard.
Cut yourself some slack.

Misty Kall, Paris, Tennessee

endless teardrops fall
when can I hold you again
a house not a home

Charlotte Yano, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I've been home for days
Over thirty now, extending
Further and further

Karen M. Yano, Seattle, Washington

Plagues, cicadas, frogs,
rediscovering silence,
contemplating  kindness

Carole M. Stokes, Enfield, Connecticut

Sitting inside my house
Sunshine streams in the window
When can I be free?

Charlotte Yano, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The world is stopped still
We are all waiting to fall ill
Maybe not, head out again.

L. Jane Begley, Lexington, Kentucky

Solitude is hard.
Awash in springtime sunshine
Alone with my thoughts

Elizabeth Amy Miller, Ashburn, Virginia

Keeping us all indoors
Buying food while masked

Caitlyn Childress Bergeron, Bristow, Virginia

My crown is filled, not with thorns
In this still season,
But with silence - and with light.

And that’s it for Saturday’s submissions. We had some more come in on Sunday and today, and I’ll format and get those on the blog tomorrow or Wednesday depending on how my work week goes. (Also the kids are starting back to school with computer learning, so there’s no telling what my bandwidth is going to be like). Please remember to keep sending in submissions–and remember that anything that your brain sees as creative durinig this time is a go (remembering we have science and math on here! Please tell your friends, as this project will only work with contributions from lots of places. And for the haiku part of the project I would really love to have an illustration for each, so if you are moved to create art, please do so and let me know! –Lynne G.

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