Call for Haiku, Part 2

Well things got a bit busy down on the Quarantine Homestead, so I didn’t get to put these up until today. Sorry about that! But here we are with Haiku Part 2, mostly written on April 12, 2020. Again, some of these might not follow Haiku Rules perfectly, and again, nobody cares, because we’re all quarantined. Once again, if something on this page inspires you to create art to go with it, please do! Send artworks to with reference to the original work, place, and date of creation.

Jae O’Connor, Woodbridge, Virginia

Animal Crossing
All day, all night, until now--
FF7's out!

Izolda Trakhtenberg, New York, New York

Sleepless quarantine.
3:30 in the morning.
Craving chili fries.

L. Jane Begley, Lexington, Kentucky

With April showers
Hot tears blend with warm raindrops,
Mourning for what was

Moose Finklestein, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Stuck inside? Not hard
Once was snowed in for four months
Yinz are amateurs

Ray Strobel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If not for our cats
my sanity and outlook
would surely suffer

Anna Zabo, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Schrodinger's virus
Maybe have it, maybe not
Guess I'll wear a mask

Patricia Stewart, Longwood, Florida

Quarantined with kids
They are eating all the snacks
We can't afford this

Lisa Brandes, Altamonte Springs, Florida
(Note that Lisa is my mother’s best friend)

Would be going nuts
If it wasn't for your mom
I see her every day

Jae O’Connor

Quarantine work makes
us feel greater-than colon

> : (

Sandy Hoffman Schwalb, Front Royal, Virginia

So much time to think
But the tv fills the room
Settle for Netflix

Signe George, Rockville, Maryland

One more day inside
I did nothing productive
Just binge-watching "Fringe"

Sara Matlin, Redwood City, California

Toothpaste smells funny
I think that means I do not
Have COVID-19

Ben Feldman, April 16, 2020, (place unknown)

Sitting here alone
The world is turned inside out
COVID-19 die!

And once again, that’s all for now! But that’s not all there is! I know there is more art and writing out there, so get it in and let’s get it online! Love from me to you! Stay safe!


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